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Have you ever wondered why – in an environment where global volatility and constant change are the norm – organizations have such a hard time adapting quickly to change, even if they see the risk coming? Transformation is hard because it requires a shift in organizational mindset and values and can also require a fundamental rethink of your operating and business model.

Many companies do not have risk and strategy processes that are agile, aligned and regularly refreshed, nor do most risk functions spend enough time on strategic risk - where the greatest risk of systemic failure lies. At Inspirion, you are working with a unique group of people who are skilled at leading teams through disruption in order to achieve business goals.

Work With Us:

  • Disruptive Risk Management Advisory

  • Risk and Strategy Alignment

  • Market Insights

  • Benchmarking and Best Practice

  • Board Oversight of Disruptive Risk 

  • Leadership Coaching and Competencies for Change


Shift to a Digital Organization || Emerging Technologies || ESG || DE&I || New Business Models || The Next Black Swan || Macroeconomic Shifts || Changing Consumer Preferences ||  New Competitors || Embedding Innovation || Climate Change || Reputational Risk & Crisis Management || Future of Work || Skills of the Future || Shifting Cultural Norms || Geopolitical Shifts 

"Good, modern risk leaders are the opposite of risk averse and the "no" people; they are in fact big picture strategists who help organizations understand, plan for and adapt to the future."

- Melanie Steiner, Inspirion CEO

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