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The Inspirion Group was launched in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the greatest risk events we will ever see in our lifetime. The ensuing health, economic and racial equity crisis has highlighted the need for adaptive skill sets that enable organizations to make courageous, timely and innovative decisions. 


With the next decade shifting to digital, sustainable and diverse, change is going to continue, and the winners will be the resilient organizations that are built for change. Inspirion helps organizations identify their key disruptive risks and respond with the appropriate strategic shifts to position them for enduring success.


Work with us and turn your biggest risks into competitive advantage. 

Modern Office Building

"The name Inspirion was chosen to reflect the Company's focus on helping leaders create a culture of inspiration, creativity and curiosity within organizations. These are the skill sets that will foster tomorrow's innovations and the resilience required to thrive in this volatile environment. Plus, people want to be inspired by their leaders, requiring a level of trust, purpose and focus on values never seen before."

- Melanie Steiner, Inspirion CEO


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